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Small Mammals | Bunnies

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House Rabbit Society

Great library of resources covering all rabbit related care needs.
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What Do Rabbits Eat

Extensive list of herbs that are safe for rabbit consumption.
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How to Trim Your Rabbit's Nails

Learn how to properly trim nails
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Oxbow Pet Supplies

Supplier of premium hay, life-staged foods and supportive care products.
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Rocky Mountain Tails

Calgary’s finest independent pet supply and grooming destination.
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Camelot's Kitchen

Book of healthy, delicious, and innovative salad recipes.
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Binky Bunny Hair Buster

Fine rabbit grooming brush that commonly gets rave reviews.
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Small Mammals | Guinea Pigs

Guinea Lynx

Extensive medical and care guide for pet Guinea Pigs in Calgary
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Oxbow Guinea Pig Food

Premium supplier of food for your pet guinea pig.
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Small Mammals | Hedgehogs

The I.H.A.

The International Hedgehog Association provides educational material.
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Hedgehog Central

Information on how best to care for your pet hedgehog in Calgary.
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Mazuri Food

Premium supplier of nutritious food for your exotic pet hedgehog.
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Small Mammals | Other


Ferret Rescue & Education Society (FRES) is a non-profit, charitable organization that was started by a group of devoted ferret owners in the Calgary area who recognized the need for a locally based rescue dedicated to ferrets
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Sugar Gliders

Learn the REAL pro’s and cons of having a Sugar Glider or Sugar Bear as a pet. Reliable veterinary-approved information.
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